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Case Studies

Government agency with approximately 620 mobile devices through three different carriers.While a state agency, personnel were often out of state on official business, complicating compliance and cost issues and making accountability a marked problem.
To cut cost and increase visibility
(usage, trends, and policy compliance)
 Solution & ResultsMonthly identification of zero usage devices.Monthly rate plan optimization to ensure pool plan maximization. Introduced international roaming solutions through dedicated international SIM cards and international specific devices.
cut 29% gross cost.
Over 120 devices identified as non-usage and subsequently disconnected in first two months of engagement.
 Increased visibility into telecommunications inventory.
Local bank with over 17 locations throughout OHIO
Reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Update network to MPLS
Implement a centralized VOIP system to receive all incoming calls and redirect as necessary.
Implementation of multi carrier solution, optimizing efficiency and costs
Coordination and management of VOIP installation process at all locations
Monthly bill auditing to ensure accuracy.
A single point of contact for all billing, trouble tickets, and orders
41% decrease in monthly costs
Took less than 21 months to pay for new VOIP phone system at each location

One of nation’s top commercial and industrial construction firms with major projects throughout the United States and Central America.
To better manage the temporary nature of construction sites while also improving overall corporate communications capabilities.
This client clearly demonstrates that complete telecom expense management is not simply about conducting one time audits of phone bills. While auditing is a significant part of expense management, it must be used in conjunction with industry expertise,
assessment of carrier capabilities, and complete understanding of client operations. Broadstring employs this comprehensive strategy and after 4 years continues to:Negotiate contracts across multiple vendors.
Find service providers for remote locations.
Find solutions for both temporary and permanent sites.
Work an average of 121  (Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes)
Work an average of 18 new location orders per year.Open an average of 40 billing inquiries per year in order to contest billing discrepancies.
Immediately negotiated a new CSA (Contract Service Agreement) and generated 39% telecom savings across the company in the first year.Recovered more than $102,000 in carrier billing errors within the first 24 months. In year 4years,they continued to further maximize efficiencies by converting site location PRI and POTS to dynamic or dedicated T1s, netting an additional 39% cost savings at these sites.

Multi-location home health and hospice agency with sites in IL, IN MI and OH
Inaddition to local, long distance, internet and data needs at each site, several hundred cellular devices are utilized by personnel in the field.
To cut cost at each location from a landline standpoint and to set up systems in order to better manage current cellular devices in addition to the several hundred that they are planning to add.
time audits of phone bills. While auditing is a significant part of expense management, it must be used in conjunction with industry expertise,assessment of carrier capabilities, and complete understanding of client operations.
Negotiate contracts across multiple vendors.
Find service providers for remote locations.
Provide Nurse Managers in field with an automated way to order phones
Produce rate plan analysis each month to ensure lowest cost per cellular device
Manage all moves when an office changes locations or when adding a office
Ensure morevisibility into telecommunications inventory.
Implemented new VOIP system with a central intake center resulting in over $210,000 in annual savings
Streamlined cellular ordering procedures, thus shortening the procurement process while also enhancing the overall visibility of the process.

What Our Customers Say

  • I have known and worked with Jason for many years, I was pleased with his dedication and willingness to go the second mile to get our Company great pricing on Backhaul and DIA circuits! His continued work in Telecom will serve many companies well!

    Philip S., Project Manager, Cable MSO

  • I had the pleasure of working with Jason Para . Jason has vast industry experience in telecommunications which allows him to provide an objective approach that gives his client's multiple options to help achieve their goals. The one characteristic that stuck in my mind working with Jason was his "unwavering" dedication to do right by his client first and foremost.

    Jason P., Solution Provider

  • Jason is a class act. His in depth understanding of Cloud Services and Data delivery have been vital to my client's success. When my clients need assistance outside my area of expertise, they are referred to Jason and his network of preferred providers. Jason is an exceptional individual who demonstrates that honesty and proficiency can be found in telecom.

    James Dimmer, IT consultant Healthcare/Banking

  • Working with Jason for over 5 years I can say he is one of the most responsive individuals we have had the pleasure to work with. He is always willing, at a moments notice to assist with a solution for one of our customers. In telecom often time reps are here today and gone tomorrow, but Jason has shown longevity which I believe is directly tied to his work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile.

    Joel S, CEO

  • Jason is a leader. His strong work ethic and dedication to clients is unparalleled. Anyone that has had the opportunity to work with him will tell you that his knowledge and reliability has helped them out in a time when they've needed it most. I feel privileged to have worked with Jason, and have him as a friend.

    Raymond C., Solutions Advisor

  • Jason is a results and relationship focused professional in the Telecom space. His industry knowledge and willingness to search out the creative solution have been core to his success. Jason's ability to pay attention to the details of his customer and professional relationships give me every reason to highly recommend Jason.

    Dave Zilch, Interim Senior Director of Development, Farmer School of Business, Miami University

  • I had the pleasure of working with Jason for a few years. Jason was excellent with customer care and follow up. I always felt confident in placing orders with Jason, and knew he would ensure the best customer service.

    Natalie, V., Operations

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